Home Office During A Pandemic: How To Work Productively Post Covid-19

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Find the balance you seek when working remotely during the covid-19 pandemic.

What you’ll learn:

  • Increase concentration and productivity when working from home
  • Enjoy the process of working from home – find fulfillment
  • Manage your time correctly
  • Increase productivity by organising your workspace
  • Remove distractions
  • How to apply everything learned in a normal life setting.

The benefits you get:

  • 3.5h of on-demand video materials
  • Fulltime access
  • Certificate upon the completion of the course.


Have the desire to learn how to work from home efficiently and manage your time better.


While being your most productive, learn to enjoy working from home.

Learn how and when self-discipline should be used, when self-love and self-understanding should be exercised, so that you are not too harsh on yourself.

Do not feel lonely.

Some individuals claim that it can be lonely to work from home. However, that’s just another way to suggest that you have less distractions, so you can concentrate more and do a better job.

You’ll be able to have plenty of time to socialize and have a work-life balance after you do great work and do more in less time. That could only happen if a peaceful work environment is completely taken advantage of.

Reach work-life balance.

You can do light exercise, cleaning, and have more family time while you are situated at home – during breaks, of course. You manage your time in a better way, as you will not be commuting back and forth to the office and will be more free to use this to your advantage.

Life during COVID-19

We all need to be more responsible now and go out less. That means working from home is also a must in that same picture. During the co onavirus outbreak, this is the best course to get ahead and get inspired to do better.

Course Content:

  • Course welcome, overview, and instructor introduction.
  • Time management
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Home Office 101
  • Distractions
  • Finding motivation
  • How our biology impacts our motivation
  • Motivational habits
  • Stress and anxiety solutions
  • Communication in virtual space
  • Home office work area
  • Conclusion
2 students enrolled

Table of Contents


Work From Home Productivity Welcome


Single Day Work From Home Schedule


Discipline For Working At Home


Self Confidence Working From Home


Getting Help


Which Work Areas To Work In For Different Tasks


How To Work From Home If You Are An Employee


If Managing A Team Remotely


Setting Boundaries With Family For Working From Home


Getting Family Members To Help


Chunking And Pomodoro


Delegation Automation And Budgeting


Breaks While Working From Home


Working From Home With Kids


Working From Home If You Live Alone


Introduction To Motivation


Story From Dostoevsky


Ziegarnki Effect


Four Happiness Hormones


Sleep And Productivity