Easy and In-Depth Guide to Crypto for 2022: Enhancing Your Trading Experience Starts With Us.

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5 students enrolled


Increasing your potential and enhancing your experience in the virtual trading world: adapt and take advantage.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn about a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and how they work.
  • Discover a rich digital toolkit for trading stocks and crypto.
  • In-depth trading courses on everything you’ll need.
  • Take on the stock market with a prepared mind, learn advantages and strategies.
  • Take on the stock market with a prepared mind, learn advantages and strategies.

The benefits you get:

  • Use and learn at your own pace and leisure.
  • Fulltime access
  • Certificate upon course completion.


An open mindset and enthusiasm for the trading world, as well willingness to work and diligence.


The current course offers a wide range of in-depth guides with crucial information on how to make the most out of your market venture. From a basic introduction to core terms and concepts, as well as how trading tools work, intro stocks and CFDs, possible and effective strategies, the course provides users with an array of tools, info, and guides on how to take advantage and maximize their potential.

With these strategies you can increase your potential for success, and take advantage of leading trading market strategies, tools, tips, and information. Engage responsibly with the market and apply useful, and advanced skills in the most effective way.

Course Content:

  • Intro and welcome to the course.
  • Forex V.O.D.
  • Intro do Economics.
  • How ECN works.
  • What is Social Trading?
  • MetaTrader Tutorials.
  • How to use MetaTrader Mobile.
  • Additional possible concerns and questions.
  • Conclusion.
5 students enrolled

Table of Contents


Crypto Currencies


Beginners Course


Trading Tools


Commodities and Futures Contracts


CFDs and Stocks


Trading Strategies