Business Branding: Public Relations, Press Coverage, and Publicity

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Reach a great number of potential customers with well-crafted strategies, gaining you publicity and press coverage.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get publicity for your business’ brand and get exposure to new audiences.
  • How to get on multiple channels of communication such as the radio, podcasts, big social media channels, online magazines, and more!
  • Learn how to pitch journalists.
  • Get publicity for a book release.
  • How to engage local press clubs and join them.
  • Learn to use your garnered publicity to establish your business as an authority.
  • Get an understanding of how to build your brand’s own publicity channels.
  • Earn the most effective, converting links for SEO purposes by getting publicity from well-known publications and websites.
  • How to manage your own publicity strategy without having a publicist of your own and save money.
  • How to build your brand with the means of press attention.
  • Make more money by getting more traffic for your business’ website.

The benefits you get:

  • 4.5h of on-demand video materials
  • Fulltime, uninterrupted access
  • Certificate upon the completion of the course.


Be motivated and ambitious to get your business publicity and press attention in magazines, large online platforms, radio shows, and many others.


This course has the sole aim to effectively teach you about how to get both publicity (PR) and press coverage for your business from various forms of communication channels such as podcasts, radio shows, books, industry publications, and even celebrities.

Firstly, our program provides you with actionable strategies to get organic publicity and increased PR exposure by branding your business in a more exciting light.

In addition, you will be shown how to use practical tips for getting publicity in a variety of media outlets, as well as how to effectively pitch journalists, radio show hosts and podcasters to get an invitation on the respective shows.

Then you will have the opportunity to examine a successful case study of a client who has put to use the learnt publicity strategies of this course and has successfully gotten the attention of millions of people worldwide.

Course Content:

  • Course Introduction
  • How publicity works: Covering the basics
  • Public attention: How to stand out from the crowd?
  • Reverse publicity method
  • Journalist Networking: Join a press club
  • Actionable strategies to implement today!
  • PR writing and send-outs – why it’s compelling
  • Publicity stunts – do they work?
  • Book publicity
  • Case study of a CEO who got millions of visits from free publicity
  • Radio interviews
  • Outsourcing publicity
  • Professional LinkedIn profiles
  • Conclusion and other resources
2 students enrolled

Table of Contents


Publicity Welcome Video 2021


Publicity And Branding And Direct Sales


Examples Of Making Plumbing More Exciting


10 Ways To Be Immediately Newsworthy


Example Of Plumber Publicity


Reverse Publicity Method Introduction


Example Of Reverse Publicity For Your Blog


How To Get Big Name Guests On Your Show


How Publicity Helps SEO


Press Clubs Introduction


Showing How To Find Press Clubs


HARO 2021


Hashtags To Get Links And Publicity


How To Write Good Headlines That Increase Clickthrough


How To Get Publicity From Events


Press Release Section Intro For Publicity Course


Reasons You Can Do Press Releases


PLR Press Release Headline


Different Press Release Title Examples


Subtitle Of Press Release