Brand Domain Name Search: How To Find The Best Domain in 2022

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Learn how to find and buy excellent ‘.com’ domain names. Apart from this, master the craft of domain check, search, registration, and flipping.

What you’ll learn:

  • Find many impactful .com domain names
  • Discover great domain names for later resell and profit
  • Build a winning brand with a catchy .com domain name
  • The art of domain selling
  • Get a domain name for free or as low as $1.17
  • Learn how to creatively come up with brands and domains that are good even if it seems like all good domain names are taken.
  • How to benefit from a good domain name, meaning more clients, revenue and successful branding.

The benefits you get:

  • 1h of on-demand video materials
  • Fulltime access
  • Certificate upon the completion of the course.


  • You must have a good command of the English language in order to follow the lectures.
  • Be ready and motivated to practice what you learn and not get discouraged easily.
  • Be willing and open minded to try the new ideas presented to you.


This course will add to your entrepreneur portfolio of resources by enabling you to find a professional domain name for your business venture.

The domain name you choose for your business is of great importance to your branding and long-term success!

Your business’ domain name is the first impression people get of your brand even before visiting your website. So, they form an opinion of you as early as hearing/ reading your domain name.

In this course, you will learn how to find yourself a domain name that will make the needed great first impression on your customers.

A good domain name can reshape your business entirely and take it to the next level. Moreover, your clients will have more trust in you, as your company will look professionally branded, and more legitimate.

In addition, once you master the strategies of this course and become an expert at finding great domain names, you will have the option to sell them online, and generate an additional income for yourself.

Course Content:

  • Course welcome, overview, and instructor introduction.
  • The fundamentals of domain name searching.
  • Live search for domain names.
  • Business names and domains for good branding.
  • Tools for finding domain names.
  • How to make money from domain names.
  • Domain parking.
  • Domain name course conclusion.
4 students enrolled

Table of Contents


How To Get Free Or Cheap Domain


Domain Welcome


How To Choose A Domain Introduction


Exact Match Domain


How To Choose A Domain Name


How To Find Domains Example


Buying Domain From Same Company Or Diff Ones


How To Make Money Selling Domains Creating Websites To Sell For Big Profits


Startup Domains


Angel List Domains




Sell Domains On Ebay


Sido Bido


Long Term Domain Business Strategy


Selling Full Websites Instead Of Domains


Domain Name Sales


Dot Com Or Co Domain Name